Ubytovanie Jasná


Camp site offers accommodation in own tents and caravans. There is kitchen, washing machine and toilets and showers that are newly reconstructed. Hot and cold water is at disposal during the whole day.

Furthermore we offer comfortable summer accommodation in mobile houses exclusive that is equipped with kitchen, living room, toilet, bathroom, three bedrooms and own terrace.

In the camping area there are little basketball playground, children playground, open fireplaces, billiard, hiking information, wellness centre, massages, conference room, restaurant. Close to our campsite there is a football playground, summer bob slide, ski centre Žiarce and tennis curt.

Reception is in hotel Poľovník - first green building located at the entrance to our area.

Kemping Bystrina**
Demänovská dolina 1
031 01 Demänovská dolina

Telephone reception:
00421 44 5548 163
Mobile reception:      
00421 903 533 971



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